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Where to Submit a FOIA/MDR Request

Agency Contact Information 

**To see changes in agency FOIA submission procedures during COVID-related closures, please check the "Status during COVID" tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.**

After drafting a FOIA or MDR request, the next step is submitting the request to the agency or component most likely to have the documents you seek. While the Department of State and the CIA have centralized FOIA offices, the military branches have individual FOIA offices in each component and may have a different office for processing MDR requests. Contacting the main FOIA office to determine the location of records can help save time (weeks, months, or even years) in referrals.

Once you determine where to send your request, the next step is figuring out how to send it. The ways that a request can be submitted vary from agency to agency. All agencies accept FOIA or MDR requests sent by postal mail. A few agencies accept fax submissions. Several agencies prefer email submissions.

There are also agencies that participate in government-wide or multi-agency portals ( or, while some, like the Department of State and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, have their own online portals.

The information for where and how to submit a request is not always clear and sometimes details conflict. With this page, we hope to create a little order out of the confusion by providing the most recent address and submission information for some of the top agencies and their components.

The page will be updated periodically and more agencies will be added as we confirm their contact information.

Happy Filing!


Agency Contact Information