35+ Years of Freedom of Information Action

IA Newsletter: The 1990s DOD Information Assurance Periodical

Published: Apr 8, 2019

Edited by Michael Martelle

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Beginning in 1997 the Department of Defense Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center (IATAC) published quarterly newsletters on information assurance with the stated goal of supporting U.S. information superiority efforts in accordance with the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Joint Vision 2010 (JV2010) warfighting concept. The newsletters capture discussions and concerns about information security during and in the aftermath of events like Eligible Receiver 97, Moonlight Maze, and Solar Sunrise.

Some topics in the newsletter echo today, such as public-private partnerships for critical infrastructure protection (volume 2 issue 2) and information assurance for a networked military force (volume 2 issue 4), while others capture moments in history. For example, Major General John Campbell writes a retrospective on Joint Task Force Computer Network Defense (volume 3 issue 4), Captain Rosas of DoD CERT reflects on the response to the Melissa virus (volume 2 issue 4), and Ward Parker discusses the integration of computer network attack into STRATCOM’s Global Guardian exercise series (volume 2 issue 1).


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