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An SK-5 reconnaissance drone shown launching from the U.S.S.  Ranger, circa 1969-1970. (U.S. Navy photo published in David Axe,  “The U.S. Navy Flew Drones from Flattops ... In 1969,” Forbes, 13 May  2020.
Reconnaissance Flights and U.S.-China Relations

Washington, D.C., October 16, 2020 - Over the years, aerial and naval encounters have threatened to destabilize U.S-China relations as the two powers contest each other's rights...

Oct 16, 2020


The Archive won the 2005 Emmy Award for outstanding news and documentary research for Declassified: Nixon in China, which aired on the Discovery Times Channel on December 21, 2004.

The citation read in part: "This heavily-researched documentary reveals an unknown story behind the one most journalists and historians think they know ... Working in cooperation with the National Security Archive, the program's researchers brought dry government files to life, revealing details that would have rattled the world at the time.."