35+ Years of Freedom of Information Action

My thanks to the NSA [National Security Archive], especially Dr. Curry, for the rapid response to my request for the use of the Kissinger Nixon records of conversations in my new book "Legislative Intent of the Taiwan Relations Act"

I understand that as declassified government documents no clearance was required but because of the initiative of the NSA [National Security Archive] important information leading up to the recognition of China was made public and I do believe you deserve credit for a great public service.

As a principal author of the Taiwan Relations Act and due regard for China's recent actions to circumvent the intent of Congress, I felt duty-bound to reexamine our intent when originally we passed this unique legislation.
No look into the intent of Congress and document my findings.  However, this could truly not be complete without examining the background of events leading up to Congress desire to protect the welfare of the many millions of people of Taiwan. Your bringing to light the Kissinger Chou classified meetings truly gives meaning to why we had to legislate. I plan to include your findings in my book which I intend to publish shortly.

My thanks again for the outstanding public service your organization continues to provide.